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The Body Tec

The BODY’ TEC is part of the international Premium CBD Show THE BODY whereby THE BODY’TEC is strictly for Investors and B2B Corporations only !

Hemp stands for a new market that, thanks to its enormous variety of opportunities, sustainability and flexibility in many industries, has attracted the interest of investors from all over the world.

Global fashion brands such as LEVIS are leading the way and have launched small hemp textile collections in 2019. Sustainability is the future and hemp will be part of it.

Levi’s Found A Way To Make Hemp Feel Like Cotton

The BODY’ TEC aims to gather int. Investors and B2B corporations to discuss future opportunities and collaborations specifically in the textile segment of Hemp in Europe. The fashion clothing sector is experiencing a deep crisis and needs a new impulse

It’s the right time for HEMP-Textile

We showcase leading thinkers and influencers from across the globe and present the most relevant conversations industry wide.

We feature dynamic presentations that focus on textile innovation and government policy.

Through lectures and guest speakers from the fields

  • Hemp Textile and sustainability
  • Production technology
  • Manufacturing and Trade

We want to discuss the following:

  • What can we expect of the new hemp technology?
  • Areas of business for hemp textil
  • Why is hemp the big chance for the textile business?
  • How can manufacturers take advantage and what requirements are needed ?