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Behrentin Communication GmbH – the brand stylists
Address : Burgstraße 38
54576 Hillesheim, Germany
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Phone : +49-6593-2677088
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The following terms and conditions (“GTC”) apply to the Expo “The Body”.

1.1. Venue and organizer
The exhibition “The Body ″ will take place from May 4th to 6th, 2023, at Messe Leipzig, Leipzig. The organizer of the exhibition “The Body” is the
Behrentin Communication GmbH
Burgstraße 38
54576 Hillesheim

VAT: DE 262845441
HRB / 40895
Wittlich District Court
Phone: +49 (0) 6593-2677088
Fax: +49 (0) 6593-2677089

1.2. The contractual relationships between the exhibitor and the organizer are governed by these General Terms and Conditions and the other provisions that are sent to the exhibitor by e-mail and/or post and/or fax. The terms and conditions of the respective exhibition location must be observed and complied with.

2.1. Registration must be made on the special registration form for each exhibition, which must be filled out and signed with a legally binding signature and sent to the organizer or sent online. The offer signed by the exhibitor/sponsor is also valid in any case.

2.2. The sending of the registration form does not justify a right to admission. The return of the completed and signed registration/offer to the organizer is a contractual offer by the exhibitor/sponsor, which requires acceptance by the organizer.

2.3. By registering, the exhibitor/sponsor accepts all of the terms and conditions specified in section 1.2. Unilateral reservations or conditions in connection with the registration will not be taken into account. The exhibitor/sponsor must ensure that the people employed by him at the trade fair/exhibition and his vicarious agents also comply with the conditions and guidelines.

2.4. For the purpose of processing the registration, the information is stored, evaluated and, if necessary, passed on to third parties for the purpose of executing the contract. The exhibitor/sponsor consents to this by registering.

3.1. All domestic and foreign manufacturers, dealers, service companies and institutions or clubs and associations as well as those companies that are authorized by a manufacturing plant to exhibit its products and companies whose articles are factually and thematically related to the trade fair/exhibition can be admitted belong. Participation in the form of joint stands is permitted, but all companies involved must be notified to the organizer in writing before the official deadline for printing material and must be approved by the latter.

3.2. The organizer can demand that objects which prove to be a nuisance, dangerous or inappropriate are removed from the premises. If this request is not complied with, the organizer will remove the objects at the expense of the exhibitor. The exhibitor assures that the exhibits he has registered are subject to his unrestricted power of disposal and that he has any necessary official permits or permits for operation. The exhibitor/sponsor is not entitled to a refund or adjustment of the stand rental in the event of violations.

3.3. The organizer decides on the admission of the exhibitors and the registered objects, if necessary in cooperation with the responsible committees/offices. For objectively justifiable reasons, in particular if the space available is insufficient, the organizer can exclude individual exhibitors or suppliers from participation and, if it is necessary to achieve the purpose of the event, limit the event to certain groups of exhibitors or suppliers. He is also entitled to restrict the registered exhibits and to change the registered area. Admission is only valid for the registered exhibits, the exhibitors specified in the confirmation of admission and the space specified therein. Items other than those registered and approved may not be exhibited. Furthermore, other products may not be advertised in any other form, e.g. in the form of advertising brochures or sales pitches. Exhibitors who have not met their financial obligations to the organizer or who have violated the conditions of participation or legal provisions can be excluded from participation

3.4. The exhibitor will receive a written confirmation of receipt. With this confirmation of receipt, the contract between the organizer and the exhibitor is concluded. The organizer is entitled to revoke the admission if it was granted on the basis of false prerequisites or information or if the admission requirements are no longer met later.

3.5. The organizer will allocate space, taking into account the topic and structure of the respective event and the available space. Space requests expressed in the registration will be taken into account as far as possible. The organizer reserves the right to change the size, shape and location of the allocated space. The organizer will notify the exhibitor immediately of the need for such a measure, and if possible allocate an equivalent stand to the exhibitor. If the participation amount changes, a refund or recalculation will be made. Claims for damages are excluded on both sides. The exhibitor must accept that at the beginning of the exhibition the location of the other spaces has changed compared to the time of admission. He cannot derive any claims from this. An exchange of the allocated space with another exhibitor, as well as a partial or complete transfer of the space to third parties, is not permitted without the consent of the organizer. If the area is not available for reasons for which the organizer is not responsible, there is no legal claim for damages.

4.1. The participation fees are calculated from the net price per m2 shown in the registration form, multiplied by the square footage of the floor area, if necessary plus the size and design-dependent rental price for the stand. The minimum size of a stand is also listed, each additional square meter of the floor area or part thereof becomes full, the area calculated in a right-angled supplement without taking the stand shape into account.

4.2. The participation fees and all other fees are net prices. Value added tax is calculated according to the legal provisions of the country in which the exhibition takes place on the date of the event.

4.3. Repeat orders can be placed up to 21 days before the start of the exhibition without a surcharge. Orders placed 14 days or more before the start of set-up will be charged with a 20% surcharge on all services.
4.4. Services incurred during the trade fair or for dismantling will be invoiced afterwards. If the actual effort is higher than pre-ordered, a recalculation will take place with a surcharge of 25%.

5.1. The participation invoice is at the same time the admission and stand confirmation. After signing the contract, 50% of the stand rent plus ancillary costs are due within 15 days. A further 50% of the stand rent is then due by February 15, 2020. The full and prior payment of the invoice amounts is a mandatory prerequisite for moving into the exhibition space and for the issue of exhibitor passes. The exhibitor will receive the invoice for any additional ancillary costs (e.g. technical service, accessories/furnishings) immediately when the order is placed, or after the event if necessary. They are to be paid by him immediately after receipt of the invoice or offset against the amount paid.

5.2. All invoice amounts are to be transferred without any deductions, stating the invoice and customer number, in full at the time of the payment target and in € to the account specified in the invoice.

5.3. For all obligations that have not been fulfilled, the organizer can retain the stand equipment brought in by the exhibitors on the basis of the right of lien. § 560 sentence 2 BGB does not apply unless there is already sufficient security. If payment is not made within the set period, the organizer can sell the retained items privately after written notification. The organizer is only liable for damage and/or loss of the pledged goods in the event of intent or gross negligence.

5.4. If several exhibitors/co-exhibitors rent a stand together, each of them is jointly and severally liable. You must name a joint authorized representative in the registration (contact person Expo).

6.1. Cancellation of the registration is possible until admission.

6.2. After approval, the exhibitor can no longer withdraw or reduce the stand area. The entire participation fee and the services actually provided must be paid. The exchange of unoccupied areas by the organizer in order to maintain the overall visual appearance does not release the exhibitor from his payment obligation. If the exhibitor refrains from occupying the stand space allocated to him or fails to meet the payment deadlines and the organizer can rent this space elsewhere (no occupancy through exchange), then the exhibitor must pay 29% of the participation fee, at least €1,000 plus VAT. to pay the statutory value added tax as lost profit and reimbursement of the costs for the administrative expenses.

6.3. If an exhibitor does not take part, the full amount of the registration fee is due.

6.4. Stands that are not visibly occupied at least 3 hours before the start of the exhibition or at an individually agreed time can be reassigned, or chairs or prepared, with consideration for the overall picture. Nevertheless, the exhibitor owes the full participation fee as compensation for the damage incurred by the organizer. If there is no interested party due to the lack of time, the stand area will also be designed at the expense of the exhibitor.

6.5. If the exhibitor is unable to take part due to circumstances for which neither he nor the organizer are responsible (force majeure), the participation fee will be reduced by half.

7.1. The exhibitor is entitled to set up his own stands after consultation. The design of the stand is left to the discretion of each exhibitor if all contractual conditions are observed (see Section 1.2.). The exhibition stand must be adapted to the overall plan of the exhibition.

7.2. The stand must be properly equipped, manned by qualified personnel and accessible to visitors for the entire duration of the exhibition during the specified opening hours. External stands may not be entered outside of the daily exhibition opening hours without the permission of the stand owner. The premature dismantling of the stand is not permitted and can be punished with a contractual penalty of at least 50% of the stand rent.

7.3. Exact times, as well as the exact organization of assembly and dismantling, as well as delivery and collection, will be announced to the exhibitor in good time by the organizer. These are binding. In addition, the exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that the permits required for his activities are in place and that the applicable commercial, competition, health, fire and police regulations are observed. It is expressly forbidden to carry out assembly and dismantling during the opening hours of the exhibition. In the event of infringement, an amount of 300 euros will be charged.

7.4. Early assembly times and extended dismantling times must be applied for and approved.

7.5. Changing the allocated space is not permitted without prior approval.

7.6. The exhibitor is solely responsible for clearing the stand on time. After the agreed period of dismantling, all obligations assumed by the organizer expire. The organizer declines all responsibility for goods still on the exhibition grounds – including those that were sold to a third party during the trade fair/exhibition. The organizer is entitled to demand a reasonable storage fee for trade fair/exhibition goods that are not dismantled and removed on time; the organizer is also entitled to have the removal and storage of exhibits carried out immediately by a suitable company at the expense and risk of the exhibitor.

8.1. The delivery of goods for a fee at the stand (hand sale) is only permitted for the articles that have been registered and confirmed by the organizer and only within the framework of the respective regulations. The right to sell food and drinks for immediate consumption is only available to exhibition restaurants or sellers who have been authorized by the organizer to do so.

8.2. The exhibitor undertakes not to exhibit, sell or give away any illegal substances of any kind. In the event of infringement, the person will be removed from the exhibition and will bear all costs for any consequential damage. A reimbursement of the costs does not take place.

8.3. The placing on the market/exhibiting of foods containing cannabidiol (as “CBD isolates” or “CBD-enriched hemp extracts”) is prohibited.

8.4. The placing on the market/exhibiting of CBD products with a THC value above 0.2% is prohibited.

9.1. The organizer assumes the general surveillance of the site and the halls without liability for loss or damage. The exhibitor is responsible for supervising and guarding the stand. This also applies during set-up and dismantling times. It is recommended that valuable, easily removed items be kept under lock and key. The organizer does not necessarily ensure general surveillance of the trade fair and exhibition grounds outside of the opening hours of the exhibition. If the exhibitor requests stand security, the exhibitor must use the security company named by the organizer. The exhibitor bears the costs.

9.2. The organizer is responsible for the general cleaning of the site and hall aisles. The exhibitor is responsible for cleaning the stand, which must be completed each day before the event opens.

9.3. If rubbish or other objects are left behind after the stand has been cleared, the organizer is entitled to have these removed and destroyed at the exhibitor’s expense plus a surcharge of 25%.

10.1. Exhibits, printed matter and advertising material may only be displayed within the rented stand, but not distributed in the hall aisles or on the exhibition grounds. Comparative and superlative advertising is not permitted in Germany.

10.2. The organizer is entitled to prohibit the issue and display of advertising material that could give rise to complaints and to secure existing stocks of this advertising material for the duration of the event.

10.3. Optical, moving and acoustic advertising media and product presentations are permitted provided they do not bother the neighbors and do not drown out the fair’s own public address system in the halls. The exhibitor is obliged to obtain any permits or registrations (e.g. GEMA) and is liable for this himself. The organizer can intervene in the event of violations of this regulation and request changes.

10.4. Carrying or driving around advertising media on the exhibition grounds, as well as distributing printed matter and samples outside of the rented stand, is only possible with the written consent of the organizer. In addition, addressing and questioning visitors outside the stand is strictly prohibited. A corresponding application must be submitted to the organizer in writing.

The individual lighting of the stands is the responsibility of the exhibitor and must be applied for separately. The cost of installing water, electricity and telecommunications connections for individual stands and other services will be charged to the exhibitor. The organizer is entitled to demand reasonable advance payments. All installations may only be carried out by the organizer. Within the stand, installations can also be carried out by other specialist companies, which must be named to the organizer on request. The organizer is entitled to check the installations, but is not obliged to do so. The exhibitor is liable for any damage caused by the installations. Connections, machines and devices that are not permitted or do not comply with the relevant regulations can be removed at the expense of the exhibitor.

12.1. The organizer insures the event against liability. The organizer is not liable for damage or loss of the exhibits due to theft, fire, storm, water and other cases of force majeure. It is recommended that each exhibitor take out such insurance himself at his own expense.

12.2. The organizer is only liable without limitation in the event of intent or gross negligence on the part of its organs or senior staff.

12.3. In the event of a negligent breach of essential contractual or pre-contractual obligations or liability for a breach of these obligations by vicarious agents and/or employees, the organizer is liable up to a maximum of twice the participation price, provided the organizer was not intentional or grossly negligent in the selection of the person appointed acted.
12.4. The liability of the organizer for other reasons is excluded. In particular, the organizer is not liable for the exhibitor’s exhibits.

12.5. Damage must be reported to both the police and the organizer immediately. Compensation for damage is excluded if the organizer’s insurance company refuses to cover the damage due to the exhibitor’s late notification of damage.

12.6. The exhibitor is liable to the organizer for damage to persons or property culpably caused by him, his employees, his agents or his exhibits and facilities. Every exhibitor is obliged to take out appropriate insurance with a German insurer.

13.1. The organizer is entitled to cancel the exhibition for important reasons, to change the location and time of the exhibition, to change the duration or – if space conditions, police orders or other serious circumstances require it – to relocate the room booked by the exhibitor, to change its dimensions and /or to restrict. A change in location or time or any other change will become part of the rental contract when the exhibitor is notified.

13.2. The exhibitor also has the right to cancel the exhibition if the expected minimum number of registrations is not received and the unchanged implementation is not economically reasonable. A claim for damages against the organizer does not exist.

13.3. If the exhibition does not take place for reasons for which the organizer is not responsible or due to force majeure, the organizer can demand an amount of up to 20% of the proportionate participation fee from the exhibitor as a contribution to costs. If the exhibitor has ordered additional services that are subject to a charge, these can also be invoiced to the exhibitor.

13.4. If the organizer has to shorten an event that has started due to force majeure or for reasons for which he is not responsible, the exhibitor has no right to a full or partial refund or waiver of the participation fee.

The number of free exhibitor passes depends on the size of the stand and can be found in the exhibitor service folder. The inclusion of co-exhibitors does not increase the number of exhibitor passes. Additional exhibitor passes are subject to a fee. The exhibitor passes are intended exclusively for the exhibitors, their stand personnel and stand representatives. They must be carried with you at all times, shown to the admission control upon request and are non-transferrable. They will be handed out on site in the organizer’s office or, if requested, sent to you before the exhibition. In the event of misuse, the card will be confiscated without replacement.

Any complaints regarding defects in the stand or the exhibition space must be reported to the organizer in writing immediately after occupation, but no later than on the last day of set-up, so that the organizer can rectify any defects for which he is responsible. Later complaints cannot be considered and do not lead to any claims against the organizer. Defects that occur later will be charged to the exhibitor, as it can be assumed that they are the fault of the exhibitor, his staff or representatives.

The Technical Guidelines apply to events, the playing of music or videos in the stand. The exhibitor must observe the relevant provisions of the Technical Guidelines and the Conditions of Participation. The exhibitor bears sole liability for ensuring that performances of all kinds, e.g. B. in the case of musical reproductions, copyright and other relevant provisions (e.g. the permission of the Society for Musical Performance and Mechanical Reproduction Rights GEMA) are complied with.

During the event, the exhibitor submits to the organizer’s domiciliary rights on the entire site. The instructions of the organizer or his representatives must be followed. Violations of these Conditions of Participation or of the orders made within the framework of the house rules entitle the organizer to immediately close the stand at the expense of the exhibitor without compensation if the violations are not stopped after request. The instructions of the responsible persons (e.g. fire safety guard, building services, paramedics, police, etc.) must be followed. The organizer is entitled to have photographs, drawings and film recordings made of what is happening in the exhibition, the exhibition structures and stands and the items on display and to use them for advertising and press releases, without the exhibitor being able to raise any objections for any reason. This also applies to recordings made directly by the press with the consent of the organizer.


The general smoking ban must be observed in the exhibition rooms. Smoking is only permitted in the designated and marked areas. The exhibitor is also liable for compliance with the smoking ban on the part of visitors to their stand area. Should visitors act contrary to this, the staff of the organizer must be reported immediately. The exhibitor is liable for all damage incurred by the organizer as a result of non-compliance with the smoking ban.

Subsidiary agreements, changes and additions must be made in writing. This also applies to the written form requirement itself. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. Insofar as a place of jurisdiction agreement is permissible, the place of jurisdiction is Daun.
Insofar as individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are or become invalid, the legal validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The same applies to any contractual gaps. In these cases, the legally ineffective provision or the gap in the contract must be replaced by a legally valid provision that comes as close as possible to the economic purpose pursued by the parties with the ineffective or overlooked provision.


    Address : Augustinerstraße 5
    54576 Hillesheim, Germany