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The Body ‘Tec

Leading the Way to Promote the Potential of Hemp Textile


Leading the Way to Promote the Potential of Hemp Textile

Recent market analysis suggests that the modern hemp industry’s real, long-term moneymaker will be fibers and grains. Commercial and industrial applications (cloth and building materials) will rely increasingly on hemp fibers, while health foods will incorporate more hemp grain (oils, seeds, and proteins).

“Hemp is a more sustainable, organic and regenerative agricultural crop and most everything that you can make with cotton can be made with hemp, with way less impact on the Earth.

According to a report by the Stockholm Environment Institute commissioned by the BioRegional Development Group and Worldwide Fund for Nature – Cymru, industrial hemp is “low maintenance.” Hemp also has a short grow cycle, about 110 days to cotton’s 150-day growing season. As there are more calls for organic agriculture, hemp also boasts the benefit of being naturally pest-free and therefore pesticide-free.

THE BODY ’TEC is a Hemp Textile Symposium that offers the opportunity to meet and network with manufacturers, investors and distributors and gather information about the new technologies, collections and fabrics made of hemp.
Global players such as Levi’s ( Save Water, Wear Hemp ) and Nike ( Nike Air Zoom Hemp ) use hemp and its just the beginning of the most sustainable fabric to come, HEMP

The Symposium is strictly for Investors and B2B Corporations only !

Levi’s Found A Way To Make Hemp Feel Like Cotton
NIKE just launched NIKE Air Zoom Hemp 

It’s the right time for HEMP-Textile

We showcase leading thinkers and influencers from across the globe and present the most relevant conversations industry wide.

We feature dynamic presentations that focus on textile innovation and government policy.

Through lectures and guest speakers from the fields

  • Hemp Textile and sustainability
  • Production technology
  • Manufacturing and Trade
  • How to increase hemp share and keep the elasticity

We want to discuss the following:

  • What can we expect of the new hemp production technology?
  • Cottonized Hemp
  • Why is hemp the big chance for the textile business?
  • How can manufacturers take advantage and what requirements are needed ?