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Why exhibit ?

Germany is the largest CBD market in Europe followed by UK, Austria and Switzerland.

CBD products are legal in Germany but must respect precise THC limits, 0,2 % ( 2023, 0,3 % ) with no medical claims.

European Court of Justice ruled on November 19. 2020

– CBD is not a narcotic as, according to the current state of scientific knowledge, it does not appear to have any psychotropic or harmful effect on human health;

– A Member State cannot prohibit the marketing of CBD lawfully produced in another Member State when the CBD is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant in its entirety and not solely from the fibre and seeds;

You can buy/sell it in drugstores like Rossmann, DM, Müller, Pharmacies, Gym’s, Spa’s, Beauty Shops or online.

Advertisement is run in Magazines, Tabloids, Radio, Print, Billboards or online.

CBD is sold under the following formats:

  • CBD oil
  • CBD Spray
  • CBD nicotine-free E-liquids
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD crystals
  • Cosmetics
  • Edibles / only with Novel Food validation

Brightfield Group predicts that Germany’s CBD market will be the largest market in Europe, with sales of
almost 605 million dollars.

This is an exponential increase from the estimated CBD sales in Germany of about 38 million dollars in 2018.

Arc view Market Research and BDS Analytics estimate that by 2022, cannabis sales in Germany, a country with more than 691,000 legal cannabis users, will reach nearly 1.6 billion dollars.

Germany boasts the largest economy in Europe and is a global leader across multiple industries. It is Europe’s largest potential
market for cannabis.

New Generation of Consumers Increase Demand for Natural Products

As a result of environmental awareness, trends led by young consumers, and greater knowledge about wellness, many of today’s consumers are demanding greater transparency in the products they purchase. More consumers want to know where their products come from and what their ingredients are.

  • THE BODY is the first specific B2B market fair for CBD products for the sports and beauty market in Europe.
  • THE BODY visitors are specifically looking for CBD manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, products and network.
  • THE BODY is a new image changing concept with focus on future CBD trade
  • THE BODY reaches the medical sector as also the retail sector.
  • THE BODY is for start-ups and established companies in the CBD market
  • THE BODY displays Sports, Beauty, Wellness, Vaping,  Pets, Textile products
  • THE BODY puts you in front of the largest number of buyers, distributors and b2b visitors in one place in Europe
  • THE BODY is helping you to become part of ” THE NEW NORMAL ” and to stand out from the current market.