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Cannabinoids – CBD – CBN – CBG

What are Cannabinoids ? We deliver answers !

Our goal is:

to create a specific platform that connects, generates, educates, is contemporary and of high quality in order to promote the topic of cannabinoids. We would like to contribute to the quality and innovation in this segment being promoted in a professional way and also presented in this way.

Each exhibitor helps to promote, develop, support and represent this topic and the cannabis market as such and to change society’s perception or “fear” of cannabis.

Leading the Way to Promote the Safe Benefits of Cannabinoids

THE BODY is an international premium B2B and B2C CBD Show that will present and introduce a wide range of legal available CBD products and new innovative CBD products that are ready to become a lifestyle trend for the sports and beauty market.

It is the first specific CBD Premium Show in Europe that targets the Sports, Wellness and Beauty markets. We want to promote the best quality CBD brands available on the international market.

In our Sports Lounge will inform about the advantages of CBD on daily sports activities and what pro athletes need to ask/consider when buying and using CBD in order to avoid a doping ban. We have talked to WADA ( World Anti Doping Agency ) and NADA who support us with their feedbacks. Interviews are available on our website. 

In our Beauty Lounge, we will inform about the potential of CBD in the daily beauty and wellness routine

Exhibitors will reach international premium buyers, retailers, investors, licensees, white label clients and will also get information about legal status, retailer issues, payment options and meet int. Hemp/CBD Unions to represent their interests.

Visitors will meet the best quality international CBD brands on the market with the most advanced CBD products and trends

Press will be provided with a wide range of information and int. guests & professionals that can be questioned about CBD