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What opportunities does the Cannabis legalization hold for int. companies

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Cannabis legalization - A new era

The legalization of cannabis paves the way for a new era in many areas. The topic is controversial yet relevant. What opportunities does it offer companies and consumers?

We are pleased to present our visionary conference on "Cannabis as an Opportunity for Business", THE BODY aims to showcase the diverse applications of cannabis for businesses and consumers. We want to create a deep understanding of the opportunities and risks the cannabis plant offers for companies and consumers. THE BODY offers a variety of products, information, workshops, lectures and discussions from leading experts & companies in the cannabis industry. Topics range from the legal situation to the latest scientific findings about cannabis/hemp.

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Topics and Potential

We offer companies and consumers the opportunity to get to know the topic and to present themselves and obtain information at THE BODY. Take advantage of the opportunity to gain new customers and learn more about the economic opportunities.

Medical Cannabis

Opioids are a deadly risk that are widely used. Cannabis can help provide a healthier alternative. What doctors and therapists should know about cannabis and legislation. Cannabis is no longer listed under the BtMG and offers doctors and therapists new treatment options. What is the difference between medical cannabis and legal cannabis available in clubs? Patients and doctors can get useful information and products here.


The trend product CBD is already available in large quantities in stores. What novel food has to do with it and why legalization is relevant, why areas such as sports, wellness/therapy or the lifestyle segment are lucrative markets. When is it allowed to sell CBD in food and as nutrition/novel food. What opportunities does it offer companies and consumers? What do you have to pay attention to as an entrepreneur and consumer when choosing a product?

Sustainability through hemp in the bioeconomy.

Our goal is to promote the diverse potential of hemp. Hemp is a rapidly renewable raw material that is already used in many areas of a circular economy, sustainability and environmental protection. Packaging, textiles, plastic, energy, nutrition, building materials, agriculture, etc. are just a few areas. Find out more about the topic at THE BODY.

Hemp/Cannabis in Food & Beverage

Hemp is known as a superfood and is already commercially available everywhere. Hemp is an excellent source of protein and contains important nutrients. We promote the use of hemp products in the diet. It can promote health if properly incorporated into a diet plan. In addition, the market offers very innovative possibilities and gadgets to create your own recipes. What does the future look like and what products will we see on the market?

Risks and prevention

Cannabis is a drug like alcohol, medication, cigarettes, etc. and, in addition to many possibilities, also offers risks. We would like to provide our visitors with the information they need to analyze and evaluate future business relationships and products.

Startup's & Commercial Opportunities for Associations and Companies

The legalization of cannabis offers a very large potential of commercial opportunities for companies and associations. Innovative tech startups and solutions in areas ranging from cultivation to data collection provide answers. From cannabis social clubs to cultivation associations, to new product ranges of a trend product, there are a few things to consider such as suppliers, quality, legal issues, etc.

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Cannabis offers opportunities but also holds risks

Visitors and Target Groups

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Cannabis offers companies and associations a unique opportunity to invest in a growing market while reaching new markets and target groups.

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